Thursday, November 10, 2011


One word... Kidrobot.

Been meaning to post about so here it goes.

Kidrobot is a vinyl toy [+] extra producer. Tons of artist collaborate to produce some amazing art pieces and collectibles. 

Here's a little look at my small Dunny collection and there's a monger thrown in there... I had more but have been robbed over the years...

Collection [+] DIYs

Close up

The four at the bottom are still in the wrapper due to me acquiring them recently in attempts to replace what was stolen.

Here are some clearer pics of these with accessories:


Mad Detective

Most of the Dunnys come with accessories that fit with the concept, or a sticker with artist name etc. They range in size from the 3.5" ones I've shown to 20" and up. Plus there are other types of sick collections up on the site.

I've got a couple blank DIY Munnies that eventually I get around to hooking up and I'll definitely post that here when I do. BUT I definitely recommend everyone looking into the KIDROBOT phenom if your looking for new ways to collect work by your favorite graff artist. 

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